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Pedicure Socks from your friendly Hooking Esthetician

Since I assume that at some point winter will end, many women will be out in droves getting their feet de-hooved for spring. You can make any of these socks into a pedicure sock by simply not working the toe cap. Just start off with a ring of single crochet that are as wide as the measurement around the ball of your foot and continue upwards from there. If you want to get fancy, then slip stitch a couple of stitches together at the edge so that you have a hole for your big toe and a hole for the other four. I've also made flip-top pedi-socks because I get my feet done year round, winter be damned!!! Coley's not missing out on chocolate or pedicures. To do that, simply crochet the toe cap, then work one side of your stitches and chain the other, just like you would to make the hole for an afterthought heel. Put a little piece of velcro on your toe cap and some on the top of your sock, and voila!!! A convertible sock that will flip up to keep your toes from smudging, but that you can put loosely over your toes to get you through the snow and out to the car. Get yourself a pair of flip flops with a velcro closure across the top of the foot and you're good to go, ladies 😀

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