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Mosaic socks DONE!!!

Done!! Finally!! They took all month to make. Now I can give some love to my lace wrap sweater and possibly be done that by tonight.
And my son’s cable sweater….
And my mittens……
And my placemats…..
…..and some more blankets for my luulla store. I either need to sprout goddess arms like Kali Ma or I need assistants to do all the making.
It’s time for a trip to the massage therapist for some of that hot, sexy beating!!!
But yes, the socks are done. I made them for Potions Class for the Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup. Potions homework option #3, something requiring total focus.
For a good portion of the foot and heel it felt like two steps forward and three steps back. Because they DID require such focus, I could only work on them during the two days each week that The Two Ronnies weren’t home. The second one of them started to talk I’d screw something up. They’re lucky they’re both so good looking :)
Now to plot next month’s class in Herbology.
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