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Fabulous Hand-made Hooks

Some of the beautiful hooks of
 Most of the hooks that I use are bright powder-coated aluminum Boye hooks. They’re sturdy, bright to look at, and they allow me to work quickly. They’re also extremely affordable, at about $2.99 each. However, now and then we like to splurge. I was daydreaming one day, looking at hooks online, and I came up with this list of fabulous looking hooks that I’d love to own:
  1. River John Needle Company. These folks aren’t new to me, I have several sets of knitting needles from them. In fact, my favourite straight knitting needles come from this family. I am also the happy owner of a set of crochet hooks from them, courtesy of my brother John. Their hooks and needles arehand made and unfinished, so if you wanted to stain them or paint them up, you could. They will also make Tunisian hooks, although that info is not on their website. AND they’re Nova Scotian, which makes them homies. Buy their hooks :)
  2. Wolfenwoods. These hooks made me squee. They are made with various materials and they are gorgeous. I want one so, so badly.
  3. Kathryn Kowalski. These hooks also made me squee. So did the hair pins and everything else that she turns. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!
  4. Laurel Hill. Not brightly coloured but they look like they could stand up to me.
  5. Celtic Swan. The Celtic Swan forge turns out hooks in silver. I would brown-bag it for a year for that set of hooks. Of course, I’d have to do that, haha, but OMG….silver hand made crochet hooks? Oooooh:)
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