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Hey sock lovers!!

After a long absence away from this site, I decided to finish cleaning out the posts. My goal is to get this site lean and mean and down to the patterns and related articles.

My next goal is to clean up the comments because at one point when I was on blogger, I didn't check yes for a spam filter so I got pretty damned spammed.

Hopefully no one misses the porn links. LOL

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3 thoughts on “Housekeeping

  1. Rosemary Farrar

    Hi Nicole - I PM a question about Junes Socks on Ravelry, but thought I'd try here too.
    It's about the gusset

    After finishing round 1 and 2, I move the stitch markers one stitch to the right or left. Does the moving of the stitch markers happen after every repetition of rounds one and two or is it one time only?

    Thanks, Rosemary

    1. thesockmaker

      Hey there, I know I responded via Ravelry, but hopefully you got it all worked out 🙂


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