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Basic Crochet Sock

This is a lead in page to the PDF of this pattern. For whatever reason. the PDF link won't generate on the ravelry pattern page. If I put it in the link field in editing, I get the red marker of doom telling me that it's a PDF link and needs to be in its proper little field....where it won't display.

Sorry folks. Ravelry has never been my favourite place to try to save and distribute patterns, but it's the busiest.

Click this link to get the pattern as a PDF. If it won't click, copy and paste it into your browser.

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8 thoughts on “Basic Crochet Sock

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  2. diana mcquillan

    This pattern did not print out properly on pdf, it had little boxes of overprinted stuff right over the pattern making it hard to read. I tried printing 2ce and it came out same way both times. Unreadable. Just thought you would like to know.

    1. Nicole

      Thanks for letting me know. I installed Print Friendly on the site, so hopefully this should help to alleviate any issues with printing.

  3. Michael

    Turned out pretty good for me. Your pattern is the most extensive pattern I have ever read. The details were bordering on scientific. Just for a pair of sox. I can only imagine what the instructions for a sweater would be like.

    1. Nicole

      If I wrote a sweater pattern it would be like crocheting with Dr. Sheldon Cooper, which is why I don’t do sweater patterns 😊

  4. Miriam Lambert

    Nicole. Can you please help me understand what happens on the heel with the short row? There are no stitch counts so I am confused with the short row that goes 1/2 way across the heel. It ends in the center and I am just wondering if I need to do a row of sc then turn and repeat back at the middle or if I just sc2tog to the end of the heel To pick up the stitches to the other side? Not sure if I need the added height on the back half of the heel as the actual flap is already 2” tall...

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  6. Amy

    Hi Nicole, I hope this thread is still active. I am making the toe up crochet socks and have hit a snag on the gusset decrease section. If I work sc2tog before my 1st marked st and after my 2nd marked st., I am running out of stitches to decrease on the heel. It appears that we are only decreasing the heel and the instep, is that correct? The sides are not being decreased? Anyway, I am out of stitches on the heel and still have quite a few stitches to decrease. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Amy


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