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Updates ahead!

It is my plan to update some of these sock patterns, specifically the beginner ones. When I first wrote them I used the best camera available to me at the time. Some of these patterns are from 2008/9 and things are different online now. There is more focus on video and I feel like a lot of people are visual learners now. I can not promise when I will create videos - I actually tried last year to do a Udemy course - but I didn't have a laptop and the Udemy creator site is not smart phone friendly.

But I have a laptop again and I am slowly acquiring better lighting. I can not say for certain when the patterns will update but they will over the next couple of months. Is it worth it to set up a YouTube channel or maybe TikTok?

Anyhow, I do see people's comments although because I don't come in here often it is usually well after the fact. If you need to find me quickly, I am available at this site's Facebook Page. Shoot me a message there or my personal page.

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