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Choosing the right sock yarn

I'm going to try to steer clear of brands in this post because I just want to talk about yarn in general. In deciding to revamp these dusty old patterns I am seeking out nice yarn to do it. While I place care in the yarn I choose for sock knitting, I know I can use pretty much any old sock yarn for a knit sock and be done with it. This isn't exactly so with crochet, at least that's been my experience.

Crochet stitches don't stretch the same way knit stitches do. They don't lie the same way either. If the right gauge and the right yarn aren't used then they can be downright uncomfortable. I used to be a big fan of elasticized yarn for all my sock making but it seems like that particular sort of yarn has become a bit of a unicorn.

So I'm on the hunt for sock yarn. It doesn't have to be elasticized. It does need to be nice and soft. I'm excited to do this and last night I made a YouTube channel and a TikTok account. And I found an overhead camera stand on Amazon whose tripod acts as a placement guide for hands. In the past when I have tried to do crochet and knit videos I have been rightfully criticized because my hands start to drift off camera. In my defense it is hard to crochet and talk when you are a hand talker.

I just realized that I need to make a Pinterest board. Ok, while I was typing this up I made a Pinterest Board. I've been in Canva learning how to make pretty things by creating an autumn newsletter for my personal site where I do readings. A lot has changed since I first made these patterns. There's definitely more to do. When I actually have socks to share I'll make a Facebook group.

It's time for more coffee, everyone have a great day!!

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