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In all reality I have no idea who sees this blog but in the short time since I started doing a sock of the month, I've gotten letters from everywhere, mostly the USA, encouraging me to continue my sock-making efforts. In the last 24hours I seem to have picked up some subscribers. So, welcome!!!

I love crochet. I have a knitting blog as well, but 99% of what I do these days ends up being done in crochet. Either that, or I start knitting, get frustrated, and then that little voice in my head says, "You know, we could've been done this already if we'd crocheted the darn thing."


I love knitting, too, but these days I don't have much time for it.

There is always time, however, for crochet 😀

Besides, there are approximately eleventy billion knitting patterns out there for people to browse and only a fraction of the same in crochet. Now that crochet is being viewed as a craft for something other than Barbie doll toilet paper covers, nice patterns are starting to pop up. This is a good thing. Four years ago, knitting took up an entire display shelf at my local bookstore and crochet had one shelf in the display beside it. Now it has four shelves, LOL, and hopefully the number of books keeps on growing. I am especially pleased with the patterns for things like socks and men's fashions - two things that have been terribly underepresented in crochet.

Now if I could just get the men in my life on board so I could make them socks and sweaters.

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